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One of the best Indian restaurants in Wales

The Bokhara Brasserie opened in 2001 and has since been named one of the top ten Indian restaurants in the UK receiving accolades and plaudits from customers and peers alike. The Bokhara meaning “warm oven” is the dream restaurant of the late Vijay Bhagotra and is a salute to his love of the food “back home”.

Bokhara Brasserie is situated within the Court Colman Manor hotel, a magnificent listed building boasting a sweeping staircase, majestic ballroom and rose gardens. Whilst the manor itself is traditionally grand, the Brasserie is by contrast decked out in warm colours - orange, sandy yellow, terracotta and red - to reflect the wonderful food it serves.

Diners at Bokhara are guaranteed an exceptional dining experience and many choose to extend their visit by staying in the Court Colman Manor.

Locally sourced welsh ingredients, with the taste of real India

We do not use any colourings or ghee. Many of the dishes are taken from the North West Frontier of India and the chefs have been carefully selected and brought over to bring you a taste of the real India. Authentic Indian food using ingredients from the “green, green, grass of home”. All our vegetables are grown locally and we only use welsh lamb for all our mutton dishes.


It's hard to find a reason not to choose us
It's hard to find a reason not to choose us