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10 Hot Wedding Invite Trends for Your Big Day

So, you’ve picked a wonderful wedding venue, all signed and paid for. What now?
Well, it’s time to broadcast it to your friends and family. Be there or be square.
Obviously, you want to broadcast it in style, but where to start? Google “wedding
invitations” and you’ll find a universe of choice. Short of attaching a scroll to the leg
of an eagle, nothing has been overlooked.
It’s fun to live in the creative modern world, but having masses of possibilities can be
overwhelming. Ultimately your invites are your choice, but it doesn’t harm to have
some guidance. Here are some up to date wedding invite trends to tickle your fancy.

Wax Seals
Wax Seals

It’s so very boring to open ordinary letters once you’ve received one with a wax seal.
No envelope sealed with wax contains uninteresting information. In period dramas
it’s always hush-hush secrets or plot changing developments inside.
Pressed with your own emblem, this is a retro and undeniably suave addition to your
wedding invites. “A messenger has arrived…”

Water Colour
Water Colour

This is a delicate and artistic way of adding colour to your wedding invites. It speaks
of romance, but not in a garish way. Watercolour is a dreamlike medium, of golden
winter days and hazy summer nights—rather than PARTAY! Nice and chilled.

Wedding Invite Maps
Wedding Invite Maps

These are a lot of fun if your wedding is taking place in a location with big grounds,
and it’s spread out, perhaps over a weekend. This turns what could be quite
mundane (finding where the bar is or woodfired pizza truck) into a mini adventure.
Your guests will be transported back to childhood treasure hunts and their favourite
adventure novels.

Marble Invites
Marble Invites

Marble style invites. Start sending inscribed marble tablets and your invite bill will
skyrocket. What’s not to like about the marble effect? Marble has been used for
millennia to create beautiful sculptures and architecture—its visual appeal isn’t about
to wear off now.

Envelope Liners
Envelope Liners

It’s a nice surprise to open a smart jacket in a shop and find some colourful tropical
birds or foliage lining it. “Ooh, fancy we think”.
This same principle applies to envelopes and adds a vibrant touch to an otherwise
bland part of an invite…the inside of an envelope. Like above, exotic wildlife and
flora is especially popular now, but there are many styles to choose from.

Custom Monograms
Custom Monograms

Or crests. Will and Kate had one, Hogwarts has one, why can’t you? These are a
classy way of giving your wedding invites meaning. A personalised crest can be
created for you, which represents the joining of you and the one you love.
Then, because it will look amazing you can pop it on everything—even napkins.
Think of it as memorable branding for you wedding.

Dark, Moody Colour Palettes
Dark, Moody Colour Palettes

Traditionally weddings are white, roses are red, violets are blue— but who cares
about wedding traditions. It’s your wedding and you can have any colours you want.
There’s something seductive about darker colours. Yes, white can look lovely,
however it’s not the colour we think of when someone says romance. Really, we
think of moody deep reds and blues.
It’s up to you. Just think about how many plain white envelopes and invitations there
are in the world before you decide.

Metallic Style (copper!)
Metallic Style (copper!)

Copper foil printing looks incredibly smart. Unlike silver or gold, copper has an
industrial yet classy aesthetic which doesn’t look too showy. Foil printing is diverse,
and you can mix up metallic colours. Metallic colours don’t mean “metal
colours”—there’s a whole range of colours to choose from, from intense pinks, to
greens, purples. Whatever you want.
Go crazy and have a few colours, live a little.

Geometric Designs
Geometric Designs

Why are these wire hexagons and triangles so popular? Geometric design became
popular in the 1970s. As with most trends (like 90s sportwear) they have their day
When modern trends lose their way, it’s only a matter of time before people start
looking backwards. Only, with modern technology and aesthetic we’re able to give
old trends a new feel and revamped style.
This is exactly what is happening with geometry.
Clever geometric shapes look effortlessly cool and draw the eye, which is exactly
what you want in a wedding invitation.

Weddings in the Beautiful South Wales Countryside
Weddings in the Beautiful South Wales Countryside

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