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10 Super Romantic Proposal Ideas You Can Steal

10 Super Romantic Proposal Ideas You Can Steal

Maybe you haven’t given it a second thought yet. Maybe you’ve been scouring jewellers for the right ring. Maybe you have a ring, and it’s burning a hole in your pocket—but you’re fresh out of romantic proposal ideas.

That’s okay. Being romantic has no guidebook, neither is it easy. It means different things to different people. Some might find spelling out “marry me” with cheese on a pizza hits the spot, others might have a taste for the grandiose—yes, the ring is in the talons of a golden eagle. Should be here any minute…

Whatever you both find romantic in life is yours to cherish. Nothing is necessarily wrong or right—just personal. That said, it doesn’t harm to have a few ideas in the bank to get you started. So, here you go. Free to all.


Jet Setting Journey

According to the most popular way to propose is whilst on holiday. This isn’t surprising. On holiday is when we feel at ease, away from the stresses and strains of our daily routines. Proposing on a tropical beach, or above a night-time cityscape far away, is likely to go down well. You’re both in high spirits, and naturally it lends itself to the big moment.

Perhaps you both went backpacking together. This would be a wonderful way to recapture that sense of freedom and begin a new chapter together. 




Remember Our First Date

Even if your first date was down the local pub, it’s where it all started. The Internet would have you believe that every first date is glamourous, expensive, and OTT. In the real world, it’s usually low-key and intimate. After all, it’s a first date—at that point neither one of you really knows where it’s going.

However, we look back on first dates with rosy fondness. Without them, except for the crazy few, there wouldn’t be marriage.

Why not take your partner back to your roots. Perhaps you were in your (now) favourite bar and your (now) song was on the duke box. Put your coins in and pop the question.


Whilst the Band Plays

On the theme of music, does your partner have a favourite band? Or perhaps you share one. This is a bold move: book some tickets and propose at a concert. If you’re really brave you could contact the band and see if they’ll let you up on stage, or simply open the box in the crowd at an opportune moment (the final song).

Getting down on one knee might be an issue though.


Home is Where the Heart Is

Proposing in the comfort of your own home is an overlooked idea. Where better for genuine intimacy and romance? This doesn’t mean leaning over on the sofa and casually dropping it into conversation. Err, by the way.  

Try preparing your partner’s favourite food, to be served in classic candlelight. The oldies are goodies. Even if you’re not much of a cook, hopefully it’ll be the thought that counts. Once you’ve enjoyed a few glasses of courage, go for it.

If this isn’t a scenario that takes place much, your partner will know something exciting is about to happen.


Out in the Wilds

Imagine just the two of you, with a crackling campfire and a dark sky awash with stars—miles from anything and anyone. It’s hard to get more romantic than this.

The entire event could be romantic. Pack up what you need for a camping weekend and make for the horizon. Hike through sublime natural scenery and follow the call of wild. Such adventures are the ones we remember with love, for life, especially if it just so happens you slip in the big question.


The Deep Blue

Not recommended if either of you suffer from sea sickness.

The sea is innately romantic. Why not arrange a boat trip, timed to capture the sun setting over ocean limits—ideally in summer.

As the last rays of sun melt from the waters—that’s your moment. One day ends and another begins. Not technically, but you understand the metaphor. New beginnings.




The Hunt is On

Like all relationships you likely have your inside jokes and little nuances only the two of you understand. Use this to create a fun scavenger hunt, either around the house or somewhere you both know and love.

The clues are up to you.

Here’s an example—

Clue: “See the guardian of the washing pile”

Location: Note attached to the cat’s collar. 


Amongst the Fishes

Under water proposals are cool.

Because proposing whilst diving is impractical—for an immersive aquatic proposal an aquarium is the answer.

Admittedly, you’ll want to find an aquarium with ocean tunnels and impressive architecture—because standing by a TV sized shrimp tank in the gloom isn’t romantic. You might find, for a price, the aquarium can place a diver in one of the exhibits with a personalised sign.


Written in the Clouds

You’d be forgiven for thinking this no longer existed. When we think of skywriting we think of classic romantic films and grainy eras long past. That doesn’t mean it’s lost any of its charm. It’s still massively over the top and wonderful.

Plus, proposals are meant for the sky—unlike bland business adverts.

You’ll have to be careful with your timings on this one, as it’s quite easy to miss a plane flying over—and you’ll be left thinking up excuses as to why you’re both staring upwards. Sorry, I thought I saw a UFO.


On a Mountaintop

Proposing to your loved on the roof of the world is perhaps the most labour intensive but rewarding idea on this list. The thrill of summitting a mountain and seeing the lands below unfold is soul-stirring. You’ll not (perhaps) have felt closer to one another—having strived together for a significant goal. The perfect time to propose.

It needn’t be Mt Everest or anywhere near the staggering peaks of the Himalayas. Unless you’re mountaineers. Pick yourself a moderate, homely mountain.   



I’ve Proposed, Now Where Do I Marry?

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