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How to get the best wedding photos - Top tips to choose best photographer

You don’t want your wedding photos to dominate your big day but on your Golden Anniversary, they are probably going to contain your best memories. Here are ten things to think about when you are planning.

Lloyd Williams Photography South Wales
Black/White or Colour

It’s always possible to get images changed to black and white after the event but most of us will probably never get round to it. Black and White can give you a classy elegance whereas colour is a bit more like being there. Sometimes it’s good to ask for a mixture of both. Our beautiful hotel looks great either way!

Photo by Lloyd Williams Photography

Digital Wedding Photos
Film or Digital

This is definitely one to discuss with your photographer before you book them. Sometimes images taken on film can have a warmth and naturalness that is hard to beat but there is often a financial implication since the film needs processing. If you decided on film you will need to either get images printed or scanned so that you can share them with others. Maybe shooting on film is for the few rather than the many but an alternative would be for the photographer to use a digital programme to put a slight film grain on images taken digitally. Get them to show you the difference.

South Wales Wedding Videos

Most cameras can now also shoot motion or short film clips. Do you want the whole ceremony recorded to playback to those unable to attend? Or you could ask the photographer to set up a camera in a quiet corner to record people giving you a quick wedding message from the day. Filming takes longer than shooting stills though so don’t let it become a feature film!

Wedding Photography in Bridgend
Reportage or Formal

There has been a big trend over the last decade for wedding photos to be more relaxed and less posed, these aren’t royal weddings after all ;) Do you want a big group photo of the whole party? Are there certain family groupings you want to see together? Or do you just want the photographer to capture the moments they see on the day in a naturalistic way? Don’t forget that he or she won’t know who everyone is so, will you be disappointed if they don’t get a picture of Auntie Gladys kissing Uncle Emlyn. It might be safe to split the time between a few formal group portraits and then spend the rest of the day more loosely.

Wedding Photo Locations

What are your favourite spots in our beautiful hotel? Your photographer could take a big group shot from one of the upper windows. There’s a lovely circular seat in the grounds. Or is our elegant Georgian dining room more your vibe. A key factor might be areas with nice natural light to make people look good. It can help the photographer if they have an idea when the sun comes out around the building, our wedding team will be able to advise on this.

Dog Friendly Wedding Venues

Are there any little props you want to use? The bridesmaid bouquet can look wonderful against a white dress. Or do you want your family pet to feature?!

Wedding Hair
Hair & Make-Up

You’ve probably spent a fair bit of time looking at what you and your bridesmaids are going to wear and how your hair is going to look or how your beard is trimmed ;) Do you have a colour theme? How does that work with the spaces around the hotel? Do you want to make sure that long lost cousin doesn’t turn up in neon yellow? A Pinterest board is always a good place to start

Wedding Photos
Shot List

Making a list of shots is a good opportunity to make it clear to your photographer what is important to you. That in turn helps to avoid any disappointments later on. Where are you going to use the images? Do you want a beautiful arty print to put on your living room wall? Or is it more about sharing cherished moments with friends and family on Facebook? Are you more about the dance floor or the speeches? Sometimes it’s nice to have some incidental moments captured like the cake or the wedding car. 

One Vision Photography
The Photographer

Perhaps most importantly of all, you want a photographer that gets you and how you want your big day to pan out. Make sure you meet them and be clear about your needs. You could have someone unobtrusive who goes about their business quietly and calmly. Some people prefer a bit of a character with enough charm to get the odd smile from recalcitrant relatives. A bit of experience is always very useful but some younger photographers might bring a freshness and energy to their work. If you can, try to visit the hotel with them, to talk through some of the above points. The more you can get the photographer engaged and excited the better their output will be.

Photo by One Vision Photography

Wedding Album South Wales

Photographers normally edit down the hundreds of images they take. You might want them to digitally enhance two or three images afterwards that are particularly special to you, so maybe discuss this. Some digital cameras take huge filesizes but you can request more manageable images that you can put on your Instagram.

This will be one of the best day’s of your life so don’t get too worried about the details. In the end, you just want an album of pictures that make you look good and make you smile!

Plan your dream wedding at Court Colman Manor, a beautiful Georgian Wedding Venue in South Wales.