It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that July and August are the most popular months of choice for a wedding in the UK, despite the gamble couples take with our weather.

If the sun shines, there’s something truly special about a summer wedding. Romance is in the air and wedding venues look their very best at this time of year. Flowers blooming, the smell of freshly cut grass and Pimms or Prosecco al fresco.

Court Colman Manor Hotel is the ideal location for a summer wedding hosting over 100+ weddings each year. Our wedding coordinator works flawlessly with our passionate hospitality team to create weddings that are the height of summer wedding style.

This 2019 wedding season we’ve already seen some spectacular occasions with many more lavish weddings that are elegant and sophisticated.

So what are the wedding trends we are seeing in 2019 and what can we expect in the two busiest months ahead? Read on and be inspired:

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Stretching Petals

The Stretching Petals trend basically translates into making your flowers go further. This is excellent news for those with budget in mind.

Make a massive impression without splashing out on a massive bouquet.

  1. Follow a loose and organic theme for your floral arrangements. This year we’re seeing more space between each flower. A tightly packed bouquet, although beautiful, is not on trend this season. Instead, a subtle theme of flowers scattered amongst the wedding party is much more current.

  2. Opt for flowers with a natural shade. Bold and bright flowers are gorgeous but not at the front of the wedding catalogues this year. Instead, soft white and greens are taking centre stage. Plants like eucalyptus, olive foliage and white O'Hara roses are on trend. These plants work really well together for a soft, yet attractive, aesthetic. 

  3. Feature flowers in your wedding photos. And we don’t just mean the bouquet. Floral backdrops are at the heart of wedding photography trends this season.
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Burgundy and Plum colours

Although, burgundy and plum are opposite colours to the soft whites and greens mentioned above, the two colour themes work well together.

Here at Court Colman, we are seeing a handful of brides choosing deep burgundies and reds for the bridal party’s attire. Brides are also choosing to feature these rich colours as part of wedding displays.

Nothing suggests strong, passionate love like these rich maroons and burgundies.

Brides certainly need a bit of confidence to opt for this deep colour choice, but we’re seeing more and more couples pull this theme off.

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Layers and texture that link back to nature

From a layered bridal gown to table dressings and seat covers, we’re seeing different textures for weddings in 2019.

And, more specifically, these textures have a natural theme.

Pastel colours seem to have fizzled out slightly and instead natural, earthy colours such as olive, grey, brown and cream have taken their place.

Dining tables are often layered up with various treats for guests, including sweets encased in jars, artistically placed napkins, unique name plates and more.

Many couples are opting for tables designed with a natural, soft colour.

We’ve even heard of couples opting for a woodland themed wedding cake, shaped like the bark of a tree.

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The Meghan Influence

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in May 2018, there’s been a shift  towards the royal couples’ more unstated style on their special day.

The buttercream colour shades that featured so elegantly in the royal wedding have certainly shaped current wedding trends and, no doubt, more to come.

Simple bridal gowns with clean, timeless lines are all the rage now. And rather than a large bouquet of flowers, a small and simple arrangement that doesn’t distract from the bride’s classic style.

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Sustainable Fashion

With the world’s eco-consciousness firmly awake, eco-friendly weddings are much more common in 2019.

Increased awareness of sustainable fashion is growing in wedding attire, following the footsteps of the fashion world.

Sustainable wedding dresses compliment the natural colourings and green foliage that are dominating wedding trends now. A welcome backlash to ostentatious-ness and throw-away fashion.

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Celebrate your wedding at The Court Colman Manor Hotel

Whether you want to follow the trends above or create your own wedding style, Court Colman Manor can provide you with the perfect start to married life- no matter what your style preferences.

We’re lucky enough to offer a tranquil location for weddings here in the heart of beautiful South Wales.

Couples have the freedom to choose exactly how they want their wedding day to be, all with the help and guidance of our experienced wedding planner. Call now to discuss your wedding trends and plans for your dream day on 01656 720212 or download our wedding brochure now.