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Post Lockdown Wedding Trends to Give You Inspiration

It might seem odd writing about wedding trends, when at present, weddings are not permitted. Or if they are, it’s under exceptional circumstances and for a maximum of six guests. Not exactly the dream wedding scenario most have nurtured in their minds for years. However, all hope in not lost. Weddings will happen again, and whilst we may have to come to terms with guest limits for now, creativity and passion cannot be stifled by a pandemic.

In the spirit of positivity, we’ve investigated wedding trends we’re likely to see in 2021 and beyond.

Outside weddings
Outside weddings

It’s tough to admit, but this pandemic has rattled our nerves somewhat. Even if tomorrow, the Government proclaimed everything was safe again, the nervousness would persist. Time is the greatest healer, and we will be okay again. In the meantime, outdoor weddings are going to play a big part in the wedding industry. They’ve always been popular, weather allowing, but now they are going to offer wedding salvation for many.

Holding a wedding outside is a reassurance of safety. Guests can have a wonderful time in the open air, able to stay socially distanced. Outside weddings can also offer blank canvasses in terms of creative vision and flexibility. Coronavirus aside, they are a bold and exciting choice.

Remote virtual wedding
Remote Guests

For a while to come weddings are going to be limited in size. Unfortunately, this means making difficult choices about who attends and who doesn’t. It might be that only immediate family and close friends can attend in person. For some, not being able to have the numbers they’d like will be a deal breaker. For others, it’s a chance to make the most of modern technology.

Over the last year we’ve all become accustomed to a life populated by digital interaction. Before Zoom meetings took over the business and social world, we were still in two minds about the usefulness of such technology. It was a novelty. However, overnight, video call tech came to be our primary means of connection. Our saving grace.

Obviously, we’d rather be interacting with co-workers, friends, and family face to face (and we will), but there’s no denying the significance of remote contact. Whilst coronavirus continues, it could be a way of having more guests at a wedding. No, it’s not the same having friends tune in via a laptop, though it’s better than them not participating at all. Something to think about.

Even more beautiful decor
Even more beautiful decor

Sometimes planning the décor for a wedding can be a mad rush. Not purposefully, but there’s so much to think about. The big day can start creeping up and decisions must be made split second. A positive thing coronavirus has gifted couples, is time. Time to plan, without pressure and a drive to make their wedding artistically special.

This doesn’t mean spending more either. Our finances during and post-coronavirus might not be what they were. But this okay, because people’s attitudes are changing. Special could be DIY décor and table decorations. Not only does it save money, but it’s also wholesome and genuinely individual. Friends and family love that kind of stuff.

Here are some beautiful and clever do it yourself wedding decoration ideas to check out in Country Living.

Bold fashion statements
Bold fashion statements

Let’s face it, lockdown hasn’t exactly been a fashion show. Attending work video calls with smart casual on top, PJs on the bottom, sums it up. Months on end in our comfy clothes, with little chance to get dressed up. Boring.
Post-lockdown isn’t going to be about conservative white weddings. It’s going to be a moment of rejoicing. A moment of emotional colour. Wedding fashion trends and statements are going to reflect this. It’s an opportunity to be bold, brave, and expressive. From repression to liberty is the theme.

Hitched shows this perfectly. Check out their selection of colourful wedding dresses for 2020 and beyond. Many are works of art.

Vegan weddings & Environment first
Vegan weddings & Environment first

Each to their own, but there’s something unromantic about greasy pork fingers around champagne flutes. As delicious as a hog roast bap with apple sauce and stuffing is, the food options these days are numerous. One of the biggest trends, that is here to stay, and has little to do with coronavirus, is veggie and vegan wedding food. Society is changing, and so are our feelings about meat.

First and foremost, it’s an environmental choice. Over the last few decades our demand for cheap, readily available meat has soared. This has led to a rise in intensive meat farming. Not only is this type of production bad for animal welfare, but also the environment. It requires lots of fossil fuel-based energy and the clearing of vast tracts of rainforest. People are waking up to this and choosing to go veggie or vegan. In recent years plant-based food sales have increased in the UK by a huge 1500%.

In addition, choosing vegan wedding food options means that everyone can eat. So, it’s a socially conscious choice too. Going vegan doesn’t mean bland wedding food though. With veganism hitting the mainstream, creativity has exploded. Not sure? Check out these mouth-watering vegan wedding food ideas featured in Hello Magazine.
Finally, vegan diets and wedding food are, research is showing, the healthiest options. A well-balanced vegan diet may lower blood pressure, aid weight loss, improve digestion, lower the risk of heart disease, and protect against certain cancers.

What’s not to like?

Party time! Overdue blow outs
Party time! Overdue blow outs

Oh yes. After lockdown ends, and when allowed, we’re all going to be itching to dance the night away with good friends, music, and food. Where better than a wedding? Before coronavirus we could go out at the weekends to pubs, bars, and clubs. Remember that glorious freedom? Revelry was always near if we wanted it. Having the option to let loose taken away from us has been tough on our mental health. It makes us realise how much we took for granted.
The first round of liberation weddings is likely to go off with a bang with parties carrying on into the early hours. We’re set to relive our halcyon days once again and it’s going to be…well, epic.


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