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Seasonal Wedding Ideas and Themes from Summer to Winter

When is the best time of year to get married? The honest answer is simply the time that fits your plans and budget best. After all, these days the wedding calendar extends well beyond the traditional May to August period. From early spring, right through to the depths of winter, most wedding venues will accommodate you. Furthermore, each season has its own beauty and special themes, foods and flowers.

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Perhaps the real unspoken benefit of year round ceremonies is that all season wedding venues can often give you more wiggle room with themes and budgets. Not only will more dates be free, venues will often look to give you their best wedding packages and deals of the year.

Here at Court Colman Manor, we are only too happy to offer one of the best country house wedding venues in South Wales all year round. The possibilities for seasonal themes and variations are endless, but here are some ideas to get you thinking:


You may not quite experience the balmy days of high summer as early as late March and April, spring is a beautiful time of year to get married. You may well also experience some fine, warm-but-not-baking weather, although you would be wise to have a back-up plan. Perhaps a mixture of indoor and outdoor is the perfect balance for spring- just in case.

Seasonal availability and price: Moderate to good. May can be busy for a lot of wedding venues, but you’ll usually have plenty of spring dates to choose from. The Easter holidays are also a good time for many friends and family members to travel.

Spring Food and Drink: For main course, Welsh lamb is perhaps the ultimate spring treat, perhaps served with early new potatoes. Asparagus Chicken is another bang-in-season dish that always goes down well.

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Seafood can also be sensationally good, so how about oysters with seasonal wild garlic, perhaps with bruschetta or another alternative starter for your non-seafood loving guests? As for welcome drinks, It’s still a little early to break out the Pimms, but try light, refreshing wines and long drinks, such as an Elderflower Collins

Spring wedding decorations & flowers: Wildflowers are inexpensive and charming. They are also a more ethical option than exotics, which often rack up thousands of miles en route. Naturally, you could also make it a Welsh affair with some freshly cut daffodils, while bluebells, snowdrops and others make charming table decorations. Remember, it's about the beauty and character of the flowers, not the pound signs, especially if you're going for that rustic look!

Spring_wedding flowers

Why rack up 1000's of flower miles, when common Welsh species are so pretty? (This bouquet by

Spring wedding themes: Perhaps a classic spring garden party? You could also add some Easter themes at the right time and we've seen some lovely examples of decorative baskets, complete with eggs and sweet treats.

Spring wedding colours & fashions: Think clean, bright & fresh. Creams, greens amd yellows are the order of the day. Simplicity wins the day.


Phew, it’s hot… with a bit of luck. For obvious reasons, outdoor weddings are as popular in Wales as they are nationwide. Venues with spacious gardens, terraces and marquees are especially suitable- although some shelter and a plan B never go amiss (hey, we're only being honest here!). So, the old "hope for the best but pack an unbrella as well as a picnic blanket" is sound policy.

The best thing about classic summer weddings is the amount of freedom you have to put your own stamp on things. Outdoor features, from rustic decorations to picnic blankets and retro games, are all part of the fun.

Summer themed weddings
Bright colours and rustic charm rule (Image credit:

Seasonal availability and price: This is very much the peak time of the wedding season, so do be prepared to book well ahead for your chosen date. That said, midweek weddings are also often possible and offer a saving. Prices tend to be at their highest, so do shop around for the best summer wedding packages to save money, whether your destination is South Wales or Suffolk. 

Summer Food and Drink: You have a huge choice of courses. Why not choose a crowd-pleasing option A (such as pork loin or roast beef), but also offer some seafood amongst your starters or as an alternative main course? Fresh scallops or mackerel are both superb at this time of year. For a sweet and seasonal finish, strawberries and cream are another must. To get any summer party started, do also supply plenty of something cool and refreshing, without too much proof in the mix. Perhpas a nicely presented bowl of classic summer punch or traditional lemonade, spiked with a drop of something naughty but nice?

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Bright and friendly trumps formal and exotic for summer wedding bouquets (Image credit:

Summer wedding decorations & flowers: The best choice of the year, but will you make it formal or friendly? British classics such as lilies and roses are beautifully elegant. You make the rules though-  and even sunflowers can wonderfully welcoming.  Nor do you need to go for "prim and posh" flowers and decorations. Rustic and shabby chic designs are a winner at this time of year- and also relatively cheap.

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Summer wedding themes: How about a summer festival or fete theme, full of warmth and fun? Guests will love giant garden games, funfair challenges and other nostalgic features.  For music lovers, you could make it a tuneful affair with an open air stage.

Summer wedding colours & fashions: Warm, friendly and cheerful is the way to go; and yes, you can lose some of that British reserve. Try ivory, white, pink, coral and pastel shades


The longest days might have gone, but some of the finest colours and best food of the year are bang in season. Equally, after the peak wedding period and summer holidays have died down, venues are easier to book and often prepared to cut you some slack with packages and deals. So why aren’t autumn weddings more popular? We’re not sure. Because it’s certainly a beautiful time here in South Wales

Seasonal availability and price: While many venues will still have plenty of events in the diary, now is the time to speak directly to them and get a deal.

Autumn Food and Drink: You won’t find a better time of year than autumn for fresh produce. So while you might be best to play it safe with your main with a dish such as roast beef, why not explore some local game with your starters or alternative wedding dishes? Venison, partiridge and pheasant are all at their best as we approach October and November. 

Wedding catering Indian food Wales
Spicy food brings a welcome warmth to any winter wedding (and is less boring than turkey and mince pies).

Autumn wedding decorations & flowers: The best choice of the year, but will you make it formal or friendly? British classics such as lilies and roses are beautifully elegant. You make the rules though-  and even sunflowers can wonderfully welcoming.  In terms of decorations, pretty, colourful and rustic are watchwords. Bunting and burlap table decorations are staples, but the sky is the limit

autumn wedding table decorations
Opt for seasonal warmth and nostlagia as the evenings draw in (image credit: Country House Wedding Venues UK)

Autumn wedding themes: Your range of themes is wide open, but how about something unconventional for a wedding that is likely to be mostly indoors and held in the same season as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night? This would be the perfect time of year for a more eccentric or stylish gathering. Perhaps a 1920's cocktail party theme, or even a Halloween or Burlesque themed wedding for the more daring couple?

Autumn wedding colours & fashions: Match the changing seasons by mixing in slightly bolder, richer colours. Try reds, oranges and even browns, along with your safer whites and pastels.

Welsh Autumn weddings Rob Jones Photography
Picture: Rob Jones Photography, South Wales

Winter Wedding Ideas

Whether it is the increased availability on offer, lower priced wedding packages, or just the coming holiday season, winter weddings in South Wales and nationwide are no longer seen as such a crazy . Indeed, this is one of the most romantic times of the year. More couples propose at Christmas than they do around Valentine’s Day, while themed events such as a classic winter wonderland wedding have a huge appeal to couples and lots of fun creative possibilities.

Winter weddings South Wales

Seasonal availability and price: So often the best time of year for both availability and price! Do speak directly to venues. Many will not only host weddings all year, but offer some great rates for low season packages and winter deals.

Winter Food and Drink: The approach of Christmas, along with cooler temperatures, calls for warming seasonal dishes. You could go for festive and delicious meats such as traditional goose. However, a taste of Indian heat and spice is also a huge hit for a winter wedding banquet. Look no further than our own Bokhara Bresserie kitchen for delicious and totally authentic Indian cuisine, from beautifully seasoned tandoori dishes to hand-made naan bread.

Winter wedding decorations & flowers: Now is the time to break the mold and go for festive decorations and winter wreaths. While there might not be an abundance of British flowers, it is not only acceptable but completely in keeping with the season to bend the rules to include anything from holly to pine cones. Don't forget the mistletoe either! 

Winter wedding themes: The all time classic has got to be the festive themed wedding. This can be subtle and classy, or unashamedly fun-loving and a little over-the-top. Fancy a delivery of real snow, or a sleigh pulled by real reindeer? Where there's a will (and the budget!), there's a way!

Winter wedding colours & fashions: are about comfort and practicality as much as style. Reds, whites and rich colours work well, although you could also add a little festive sparkle with some brighter or even metallic accessories?

Court Colman Manor: The Most Beautiful of South Wales Wedding Venues, Open all Year Round

Set in an an idyllic rural location, Court Colman Manor is a charming place for country house and themed weddings in South Wales. With a dedicated wedding team, amazing food and a beautifully romantic setting, this most classic looking of wedding venues is located near Cardiff and Swansea, yet wonderfully private and tranquil.

Whether you dream of a classic summer celebration, or are looking into spring, autumn or winter wedding receptions, we can host your big day with style and sensitivity. Whether it's a smaller and more intimate event, or a larger than life celebration, we can help you organise every last detail, while our special wedding packages and menus are sure to offer something to suit your style and budget. See our online wedding brochure for further details, or simply get in touch with our friendly team on 01656 720 212 or email