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The Top Wedding Colours of 2022

Want to know the top wedding colours of 2022? You're in luck.

We've welcomed many brides and grooms this year, and we've kept a keen eye on the shades they've sported.

Did we spot any wedding colour trends? You bet. While traditional palettes still rule the nuptial roost, we couldn't help but notice some creative colour choices from our style-savvy spouses-to-be.

If you're planning your own wedding, you've probably got a million and one things to think about. Let's make it an even million. Here's our guide to the most popular wedding colours of 2022.

Nuptial neutrals
Nuptial neutrals

A safe bet? Sure. But neutral shades are popular for a reason – they work.

You could be tying the knot in an island paradise or a Vegas chapel. Choose a soft, muted palette and you'll look like you've stepped out of an elegant, sepia-tinged photograph. As choices go, it's pretty much foolproof as far as wedding colours go.

And remember: 'neutral' doesn't have to mean 'boring'. Just by tweaking a hue or two, you can completely change the vibe of your big day.

For instance, you could match beige or white outfits with dusty pink flowers and accessories. You'll be surprised how much the pink pops against the gentle, sophisticated backdrop,

Organic opulence
Organic opulence

If we had to choose one trend for wedding colours in 2022, this would be it.

Think sage green, earthy browns and dark beiges. The kinds of colours that bring to mind secret gardens and the aroma of freshly cut herbs. Mmm.

The best thing about this wedding colour trend? It's addictive. Once you start thinking of organic colours, you might want, well… organic everything.

How about making invitations and place settings out of rough, recycled paper? Or swapping cut flowers for living, potted plants? Or strewing guests' tables with colourful fruits and lush leaves?

Of course, going organic isn't just about looking good. Choosing natural, unrefined materials often benefits the environment too. Thumbs up from Mother Earth for this wedding colour. 


Very Peri
Very Peri

Every December, Pantone announces its "Colour of the Year" for the following 12 months. This year, it was a brand new shade called "Very Peri" – a blue-purple hue with subtle red undertones.

All hype, no bite? Not at all. Very Peri has fast become one of the top wedding colours of 2022 – especially for couples who want to try something bright and bold on their big day.

If you're feeling particularly fearless, you could put Peri front and centre for your wedding colour – we're talking purple suits for the groom and his ushers, and maybe even a purple dress for the bride.

Too much? Don't worry. Very Peri is subtle enough to work as a secondary shade. Add a swish of Peri to your decorations and accessories, and you can roll with tradition while embracing a little marital a la mode.

All white, all white
All white, all white

If you believe white is a wedding colour for brides only, it's probably best to skip ahead.

Still here? Good. But you still might want to sit down, because we're going to suggest you implement an all-white colour scheme at your wedding.

And yes, we mean all white. The groom's suit. The guests' outfits. The flowers, the favours… you name it.

Believe it or not, a pure-white palette has been something of a wedding colour trend this year. It's a little different, sure. But when you see the results, you'll understand – an all-white wedding, done well, can look like elegance incarnate.

And while we're on the subject, we should doff our caps to another of 2022's wedding colour trends – monochromatic weddings. We've seen some stunning ceremonies that work wonders with a limited palette.

Want a simple look without giving up the bride's right to white? Try experimenting with a few rich reds, washed-out blues or juicy pinks.

Marvellous metallics
Marvellous metallics

It's your special day. And if you want your special day to be as sparkly as an avalanche of diamonds… well, we say "go for it".

Metallics communicate glamour, sophistication and a winking sense of fun. It's no wonder they've enjoyed such popularity as wedding colours in 2022.

The best bit? Metallics are really easy to incorporate into your wedding colour scheme. Simply choose a few soft background shades, then throw in some glittery gold ribbons or shiny copper accessories. Just like that, you've turned a traditional palette into something seriously special.

Midas, eat your heart out.

Just jewel tones
Just jewel tones

Jewel tones are just what they sound like – the kinds of vibrant, highly saturated shades you'd see jutting out of a princess's tiara or decorating a regal bedroom. We're talking sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green, among others.

If you're thinking "medieval royal banquet", you're on the right track. Jewel tones scream "high society" from the rooftops, without ever quite crossing the line into OTT.

To develop the look, try pairing jewel tones with some equally plush textures. Think vintage lace, velvet ribbons and elegant English roses.

Want to embrace these wedding colours in 2022? Jewel tones make an excellent choice for autumn or winter weddings, so you've still got time to book your big day if you act fast.

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