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Top 10 Special Features, Add Ons & Ideas for your Wedding Reception

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From the ceremony itself to the cutting of the cake, some things simply come with the territory on your wedding day. But what about those other special surprises? A wealth of fun, quirky and unique features are available to spice up any reception these days. From games and entertainment ideas to edible treats, here are ten of the best and most popular ways to personalise and add sparkle to your wedding:

1. Vintage Sweet Selection

retro sweets wedding feature

When it comes to treating your guests, you really cannot go wrong with an assortment of retro sweets. Well, who on earth won’t find something they like among favourites such as white chocolate mice, rhubarb and custards or liquorice allsorts? This is especially popular at Court Colman, and at £150 for a candy shop or special cart to serve 100 it also works out at great value. One of the best wedding ideas ever, at least according to our sweet-toothed guests.

2. Wedding Piñatas

Wedding Pinata UK
Colourful, explosive fun for your wedding! (Item above created by: Wedding Pinata)

For added excitement, why not make your wedding really “smashing” with one of these classic decorations? Blindfold the bride and groom and you have all the makings of another memorable romantic moment, while kids will love dashing forward to grab the treats that pour out. Many companies can make a personalised Piñata too, such as a wedding cake shaped model, or a giant heart with your names on it.

3. Garden Games and Guest Challenges

Wedding games Wales

Guests love little challenges and games at a wedding- and that especially applies to the menfolk and youngsters present! Why not introduce something to test their skill or luck? There are many options here. Garden games are a classic at any country house wedding venue; at Court Colman, one option that always gets guests giggling is our herd the ducks challenge (yes, really- as you can see above!). Or perhaps you could find a giant Jenga set or hire a pinball table or some other retro themed entertainment?

4. LED Love Letters

LED wedding letters Wales
Make your love letters extra large! (Image: Woodvilleland/ Etsy)

A wedding centrepiece is a great way to create interest and a guaranteed selfie feature for your guests. These can easily be found and collected with a bit of legwork, but most larger wedding venues will have one that you can hire to save hassle. Worth every penny for the picture possibilities!

5. Say it with Sparklers

wedding sparklers

Talking of picture perfect wedding extras, the addition of some sparklers is a cost-effective way to create some genuine evening magic! Have an outdoor area ready with staff to hand out sparklers and help coordinate things. The result not only looks beautiful on the night but is a wedding photographer’s dream.

6. Wedding Magician

wedding magician Wales

Why not add some extra magic to your day, quite literally, with a professional conjurer? Ok, so the best of these wedding wizards are not always cheap, but they are great fun and guests love them. You could even see if he or she will create a special conjuring trick involving the bride and groom.

7. Themed Chill-Out Zone

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Besides all the areas to party and make merry, it’s also a great idea to have a space where guests can talk, take it easy and relax. Make some extra fuss and this can be a wonderful feature too. Movie fans could include stills from their favourite films; comic art or even a video game area could also work if the groom has geeky tastes! Failing that, you can't go too far wrong with a selection of nostalgic images of the happy couple from over the years.

8. Wedding Post Box or Themed Container

wedding post box wales
Simple, cute and effective (image: Applecrates UK)

One of the most popular ideas of the current wedding scene, but so pretty and practical, a traditionally styled post box is a cute way to keep all those cards and smaller gifts securely stored in one place. You could fashion your own, but many larger wedding venues have their own to hire for a nominal fee. Or you could make an alternative container, such as a treasure chest or even a creature feature!

9. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machine hire wales

It always makes sense to lay on a late snack at your wedding party. Guests will have had plenty of “refreshment” by the evening, making it even more sensible to treat them to something extra on top of the wedding breakfast. Gourmet fast food is one excellent idea; but also very popular and great value is a popcorn machine. Ours comes at just £100 for the evening and ensures your guests get a sweet or salty snack to keep them going.

10. Original Wedding Mementoes

wedding mementoes Wales
Memories needn't always be done "by the book" (Memento frame shown: Guest Book Crafts)

There are other ways besides a classic guest book to provide your friends and family to leave their mark on your special day. Quirky alternatives include playing cards, a write on poster or giant picture, or perhaps even a glass box where guests can leave their names and wishes on little wooden hearts. Something to treasure long after the happy day.

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