What better place to celebrate the happiest day in a couples’ life than in Wales? Here are our top 5 gifts for a winter wedding in Wales.


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While the high-season for weddings is most often summer (we all heard that sigh of relief when it ended at the end of September), there are the lucky few of us who are invited to a winter wedding too.

Whether it is a white Winter Wonderland ‘Do’ taking place close to Christmas or an event scheduled for February half-term, winter weddings are a nice way to brighten darker, wintry days.

And what better place to celebrate the happiest day in a couples’ life than in Wales?

Particularly since it has been said that the Welsh believe that the last day of the year is one of the best to get married.

And while we know that many people will have many other things on their mind on New Year's Eve (that include everything but marriage), some couples can think of nothing better than starting the New Year, tying the knot.

A winter wedding doesn’t have to be New Year's Eve, of course. Winter weddings are those that take place in December, January and February.

For those people that couldn’t attend another festive ball if there was another weekend added to the calendar in December, January and February may be preferable to set the date.

Whichever month you choose, just like your Christmas turkey dinner, there are particular traditions associated with Welsh weddings that add character to a couples’ special day.

The throwing of confetti, as an example, comes from the idea of throwing grain at the newlyweds to encourage a fertile marriage.

In addition, a Welsh wedding traditionally includes the following songs: "All Through the Night" ("Ar hyd y Nos") and "Blackbird Will You Go" ("A Ei Di’r ‘Deryn Du ").

From gift vouchers and money, to lovespoons and lavender, here’s our top 5 gifts for a winter wedding in Wales:

Just a pre-warning: These gifts are a little out-of-the-ordinary and tie in particularly with Welsh tradition!


Gift #1:  Myrtle


In Wales, it is generally believed that a bride having Myrtle in her bouquet symbolises love.

In fact, this belief has so-much standing, apparently, Kate Middleton had Myrtle featured in her bouquet!

What could be a better gift than making a couple feel like royalty?

Offer the gift of myrtle on their Welsh wedding day for a symbol of love.

The Welsh bride also traditionally gives myrtle to her bridesmaids too. Ideally, the bridesmaids will plant the myrtle after the wedding day. The bridesmaid whose myrtle blooms will, in theory, be married first.

For those unfamiliar with myrtle, it is an evergreen shrub. It usually has small white pretty floral buds that bloom to be pink, heather-like shrubs midwinter.

A beautiful gift then for a winter welsh wedding…


Gift #2:  A pin for the bridal gown

Instead of throwing her bouquet, a Welsh bride traditionally throws a pin from her bridal gown. The person who catches it will, in theory, be the next to marry!

If you are looking to give a traditional Welsh gift, then a pretty pin for the bridal gown is a great gift idea.

The great thing about a pin is the fact it is like a piece of jewellery and, the bride, can associate this with her wedding day.

The only thing is, hopefully, she throws it to someone that will hand it back to her!


Gift #3:  A torn wedding dress

brides wedding dress


No! We hear you say! The gift of a wedding nightmare! What could be worse?

You’d have to be pretty confident to execute this gift…

A tear to the wedding dress in the traditional Welsh wedding (on the day itself) is seen to be good luck.

Therefore, by ripping the bride’s wedding dress, not only will you be partaking in Welsh tradition, you’ll be wishing the happy couple the best of luck too.

We couldn’t think of a better gift…



Gift #4:  A lovespoon

A lovespoon is another Welsh wedding tradition that will be much better received than gift #3 above!

Made from wood and featuring different symbols, the lovespoon is a popular welsh wedding gift and souvenir that is often given on a couple’s happiest day.

Buy a lovespoon symbolised with a heart. Or choose a variation of the symbol like a horseshoe, bell or cross.

The meanings of these symbols are as follows:

● Heart- love.
● Cross- self, nature, wisdom and a high power of being.
● Horseshoe- good luck.
● Bell- spiritual connection.

The tradition of the lovespoon comes from the man giving the lovespoon to the woman he falls in love with. A symbol of commitment so-to-speak.

Lovespoons are wooden.

And, if you want to see one of the oldest Welsh lovespoons, there is one in Cardiff Welsh Folk Museum. And this one dates back to 1667.

Cardiff is no more than 45 minutes away from Court Colman Manor.


Gift #5:  A Birdsong

Song thrush

Can you get your hands on the music of a birdsong? Perhaps recorded onto a phone or CD?

Give this to the bride to play on the morning of her wedding day for the best fortune in marriage. A bride who hears a bird singing is set for the happiest of marriages.

The Birdsong, especially given to the bride on the morning of her wedding day from a man, is seen to offer the best of luck.


Traditional Welsh wedding at the Court Colman Manor

While, indeed, many of the Welsh wedding traditions aren’t always adopted in modern weddings, why not incorporate just a few into your wedding at Court Colman Manor?

We will ensure your wedding is unique to your requirements and will have all details perfected for your special day.

Our wedding packages offer first-class luxury at great value and all our staff will work hard to ensure you have a special day.

Don’t worry, we promise we won’t tear your bridal gown…

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