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Top ‘not to be missed’ wedding trends in 2024

You’ve said “yes” to the big question, a beautiful ring now adorns your finger, and the countdown to your wedding is on. It’s all an exciting flurry of love and anticipation. But where do you begin to start organising your big day? With lockdown restrictions (thankfully) far behind us and creative license flowing, it’s time to plan your special day – exactly how you’d like it.

If you are planning your love-filled wedding day this year, we’ve put together some of the top ‘not to be missed’ wedding trends in 2024 for you to consider. From personalised branding to micro-weddings to floral inspiration, these tips and trends combine traditional and contemporary twists on classic ceremonies and allow couples to create days that perfectly reflect their partnership. Let’s take a look.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

One of the top not to be missed wedding trends in 2024 focuses on eco-friendly weddings – sharing love for each other, and for the environment. Saving the planet without skimping on ceremony, these planet-conscious celebrations promote circular economies, upcycling, local businesses, low-mileage produce and more. From local blooms to seasonal food, and from pre-loved outfits to home-made, eco-friendly décor, there are all sorts of little things that you can consider that combine to make a big difference. If you are looking for advice, at Court Colman, our dedicated wedding coordinators can assist you in recommending some of the best local services, including local florists, to help you plan your eco-friendly wedding day this year.

Shorter Dresses

If you are choosing to wear a wedding dress, one of the biggest parts of organising your special day undeniably revolves around finding the perfect one. This year, multiple designers have shared that shorter dresses, including knee and midi-length dresses, are increasing in popularity. And, not just for registration ceremonies or receptions either. A wonderfully modern approach to wedding dresses, our not to be missed wedding trends in 2024 highlight this growing shift away from traditional full-length dresses for the main event. Going hand-in-hand (or should we say foot-in-foot) with this trend, the move towards shorter dresses has also led to a rise in more statement shoes too. With much more emphasis on the lower leg, this trend has had a knock-on effect on footwear, with everything from loud and bold to subtle and sleek bridal shoes being chosen to inject personality and style. Say yes to the dress!

Floral Inspiration

To no surprise bright and beautiful wedding flowers are atop the list of wedding trends in 2024. That said, this year, we’re seeing floral inspiration shifting from convention and playing an even bigger role than ever. Reversing classic trends, wedding bouquets in 2024 are set to be more simplified, with a leaning towards delicate bunches of flowers of single, elegant stems. Meanwhile, floral wedding decorations are moving from perfectly manicured vase and bowel arrangements towards more dramatic centrepieces and statement floral sculptures. Leading the way are seasonal flowers and woodland themes, with local blooms set to take centre stage for a natural, eco-friendly touch.


The most important thing about weddings is that they are personal to the couple – and that means curating a wedding day that is perfectly unique. One of the leading wedding trends in 2024, micro-weddings are becoming more and more popular, with loved-up duos choosing to downsize celebrations and instead opt for a petite wedding with a more personal touch. Romantic and pared-back, these micro-celebrations feature fewer guests, fewer costs and fewer pressures, and allow the newlyweds-to-be to spend more time focusing on each other and catching up with their guests.  

Multi-Day Weddings

Complementing the micro-wedding trend is another one of our not to be missed wedding trends in 2024: multi-day weddings. Extending traditional one-day weddings and instead hosting them across two to three days, these multi-day celebrations and festive-style weddings allow partners to really capitalise on time with their guests. Perfect for couples with family and friends spread out across the country and beyond, they promise a fully immersive experience and encourage more creative freedom with activity planning, encompassing a range of celebrations, parties, activities and games. Not to mention, downtime too. With less pressure to cram everything into one day and instead encouraging a leisurely, drawn-out agenda, this is the perfect option if you are seeking a fun-filled wedding of dreams.

Personalised Wedding Accessories

One of the top wedding trends in 2024 revolves around personalised wedding accessories. From bridal accessories to bespoke décor, and from personalised branding to unique wedding favours, there are all sorts of ways that you can make your wedding more personalised this year. Choose adornments, colours, textures and styles that reflect your character as a couple and sew personality into details for a wedding that is simply ‘you’. From hair accessories to table decorations to treasured keepsakes, this is a trend to watch this year.

Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion is one of our favourite wedding trends in 2024, intertwining timeless romance and nostalgic charm for an unforgettable wedding. Writing a classic tale of love that can be refined with a contemporary edge, this vintage throwback appeals to all generations of soulmates this year. Choose vintage elements to weave throughout your day, or go for a fully-themed wedding that transports you and your guests through the passages of time. Particularly enchanting, you can handpick your favourite ideas and designs, such as antique or retro decorations, classic cars, vintage-inspired attire and old time tunes for a love that lasts the ages.

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