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Top Wedding Ideas for 2018 – Bohemian Crystals & Celestial Chic

At Court Colman we love this time of year. The chills of the darker seasons are gone, and the warmth of summer is here.

When running a country house hotel, in the idyllic Welsh countryside this means one thing. The wedding season 2018 has arrived, and we’re excited.

To help you plan your dream wedding, we’ve put together some of the top wedding ideas, as predicted for this year. Of course, beauty is in the eye of beholder – and there would be no individuality if we all blindly followed trends. However, it’s nice to keep up to date isn’t it?

Wedding Themes – It’s Time to Relax

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Popular Scandi-style minimalism is losing its grip. The trend for this year will see things relax. The wedding scene is going bohemian, and it’s a refreshing change. Also 2017’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Greenery, is still in. We imagine, 2018’s Ultra Violet is too intense…what does it actually go with?
What to look out for –

  • An increase in metallics, especially copper
  • Deep colours, including black accents
  • Marble, ever elegant – but in fashion for 2018

Wedding Décor – Think, New Age

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There was a time, very recently when anything vintage was all the rage. But this year people won’t be stressing over where to place their typewriter props. Instead they’ll be getting a bit spiritual.

What to look out for –

  • Pretty Crystals
  • Geometric metallic sculptures
  • Big, bold flower arrangements
  • Macramé
  • Plexiglass and felt

Wedding Dress this Season

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From the prestigious catwalks to your wedding planner. We’ll admit, it’s slightly vague, but, “celestial chic” is the look. This applies, we think to the décor too.

A couple of things to note –

  • Wedding capes will be popular
  • Burgundy is now the groom’s colour (not blue)

We’re sure, if you like the sound of it – it’s up to you how you interpret celestial chic.

Wedding Food & Drink – It’s Shrinking

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We have an innate fascination with miniature things. This now applies to wedding menu ideas. We also love our comfort food. And, gin and craft beer aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

Here’s how this may look at a wedding –

  • Tiny burgers and shot glasses of soup
  • Horsebox food vans (pizza, mac n’ cheese, tacos, wraps etc)
  • Mobile bars with craft drinks or mix your own cocktail stations
  • Picnics (great for summer weddings)
  • Dessert tables – for extra choice

But what about your venue?

There is, of course, a classic choice that is above fluctuating trends – an elegant manor house, in an idyllic rural situation.

The Court Colman Manor Hotel, just outside Bridgend is exactly that (and much more), and in terms of lovely countryside… you’ll struggle to match the beauty of South Wales.

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How would you like your wedding to be?

That’s the million-pound question.

Whatever you decide, we’ll help you make it happen. It’s that straightforward.

Weddings of all shapes and sizes are welcome – please visit our weddings page to get started.

Thanks for reading.