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Inspiration for your Big Day & Our 2015 Wedding Fair

It all takes place from 11am-4pm on Sunday 4th October, as welcome every bride at this event with a free goodie bag. You’ll have the chance to meet some of the best in the wedding business  and ask any questions you have about planning your own brilliant, bespoke wedding.

As for today’s wedding scene, here are some current trends wowing guests and making for some  truly unique celebrations:

Weddings in the Winter?
Wedding receptions are affairs for sunny, summer days, correct? Not necessarily. As one of the most popular hotels in South Wales that offers wedding packages, we are seeing that winter weddings in Wales are becoming more and more popular, for several reasons. First and foremost, having your special event in the cooler months brings a host of elegant, fun and refreshingly different options.


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Trade fruit punch for mulled wine; pick special seasonal décor for a totally unique look. In fact, some happy couples have even hired their own reindeer for a sleigh ride or shipped in a supply of snow! But if that sounds rather decadent, the other benefit is that winter wedding venues tend to cost less in Wales and the rest of the UK, leaving you with more to spend on those special touches.

A nod to tradition or truly, madly original?
Curiously, there seem to be two distinct but very different current trends for British weddings at present. Elegant, old-fashioned style weddings with a firm nod to tradition are back in a big way for those who pine for a timeless, nostalgic feel.

But on the other hand, we see some spectacularly original ideas every year, with unique themed weddings that are totally unforgettable for different reasons. Fancy a Bollywood style wedding? You could have guests in period costume for a Downton Abbey themed wedding, or even plan a 60’s style spectacular with a VW Camper for the bride and groom. Your wedding, your rules.

The Food of Love…
As with wedding fashions, the choice of wedding breakfasts is entirely your own- but more and more couples are breaking with predictability. Interestingly, produce such as game meats and traditional Welsh lamb are very popular. But at Court Colman Manor you also have the option of adding some spice with truly superb Indian cuisine that is sure to charm the taste buds of your guests.

In other areas such as canapés and sweets there are also endless possibilities. The days of the white wedding cake with inch-thick icing, for example, might just be numbered. These days “naked” wedding cakes are a popular option, forgoing industrial use of marzipan and icing sugar for beautifully decorated toppings of fresh berries, fruit and flowers.

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One Big Day, So Many Options…
Court Colman Manor is a beautifully elegant place to hold your dream wedding, however you picture it. With charming grounds, wonderful food and superb, personalised service you are in good hands from initial plans till the last guest leaves. Browse our dedicated wedding section and downloadable brochure here, or simply contact our friendly team on 01656 720212 for further information.

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