Access Statement

The Court Colman Manor Hotel is a grade 2 listed building. Whilst this does mean we have inherited some beautiful architectural details it also means that the structure of the building does present some physical barriers to accessibility.

If you do have any special needs please do contact us before making a reservation so that we can try to meet your requirements as best we can.

Contacting us:

We welcome correspondence by phone, fax, letter or email and we will endeavour to respond by whichever means is most suitable for you.

On arrival at the front of the hotel:

The front of the hotel is reached via a single lane drive. Designated disabled parking spaces are clearly signposted near the entrance.


Reception is located on the ground floor and is accessible on the flat once in the front door. There is a bell to summon attention. The reception area is well lit.

Help with luggage is available but please note that guests may have to wait for assistance with particularly heavy items as not all members of staff can safely manage heavy lifting.

Most public areas have hardwood flooring, however some areas including stairways are carpeted within the hotel.